It’s very easy to Record, Design, and Share your video greetings.

The app also enables you to unleash your creative potential and have fun!

Group VuGreetings for Special Occasions

Group VuGreetings enable many people to record individual messages at their convenience,
which can then be combined into a single video and sent to friends and family for special occasions
such as birthdays, weddings, graduations, anniversaries, farewells, congratulations, etc.

How It Works
The originator of a Conversation records the first message and sends it to others to reply to.
As each person replies, their video is added to the Conversation.
After all replies are recorded, originator opens the Conversation and selects Render as One Show.
All videos in Conversation are combined into a single video with the design selected by the originator.
Originator shares complete Group VuGreeting with recipient from the Library.

Currently Available

iPhones, iPads, and iPods
Windows and Mac computers
running Google Chrome

Coming Soon

Additional web browsers



Record personal video messages
within the app, or import videos
from your camera roll or hard drive.



Video selfies recorded within the
app can be up to 30 seconds long.

Imported Videos

Videos imported from a camera roll
or hard drive can be up to 2 minutes.

Vertical or Horizontal

Hold your device the way you want,
and the video will always record
with the right side up.

Aspect Ratio

Imported widescreen videos
are automatically cropped to a
4×3 aspect ratio.

Rear Camera

You can record video from the
rear camera on iOS devices, and
turn the light on and off as needed.


Choose from a growing library
of themed designs.



Edit the name of the person
in the video, and edit the title
that appears near the bottom.

Import Contacts

Import contacts from your
mobile device into your
VuGreetings Contacts.

Entry Options

In addition to bulk importing,
individual VuGreetings Contacts
can also be manually entered.


VuGreetings Contacts are
synchronized on all devices
using your login credentials.

Creating Groups

Organize VuGreetings Contacts
into groups to make sharing easier.


Registered VuGreetings users
can join you in Conversations
and Group VuGreetings.


Video selfies, design selection,
and other data are uploaded via
the internet for rendering.

Production Time

VuGreetings are created as MP4
video files in a few minutes.

WiFi Connection

VuGreetings for iOS works best when
you have a strong WiFi connection.


Record, Design, and Share as normal.
Files are  automatically uploaded as soon as
WiFi connectivity is available.



Video messages are saved
as Takes in your Library,
and are available  on all
devices using your
login credentials.

Multiple Uses

A Take can be used with
as many designs as you want.


Completed VuGreetings
are available in your
Library on all devices
using your login credentials.

Share and Download

Completed VuGreetings
can be shared and
downloaded from
the Library.


Links to watch VuGreetings
are sent via text message or
email to selected recipients –
the choice is yours.


Registered users can view your
VuGreetings within the app,
and reply to them with a
VuGreetings of their own
as part of a Conversation.

Private Conversations

Users can select private replies
(one to one with recipients)
or allow all recipients to see
all replies within a Conversation.

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